Producer Loops Never Be Like You [WAV MIDI]

Producer Loops Never Be Like You [WAV MIDI]

Ignite your creativity in the world of Trip Hop, Hybrid Trap, and Experimental sounds! Dive into an unparalleled sonic adventure with ‘Never Be Like You’, an extravagant sample pack curated by Producer Loops. Are you ready to break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary? This pack is your passport to a realm where genres collide, giving birth to something entirely unique and mind-bending. Blend the hypnotic rhythms of Trip Hop with the hard-hitting punch of Hybrid Trap, sprinkled with a touch of Experimental electronic flair. ‘Never Be Like You’ offers an eclectic array of meticulously crafted sounds that defy convention, making it a must-have for producers who crave innovation.

Discover a treasure trove of grooves that range from laid-back Trip Hop beats to intense Trap patterns. Dive into a pool of rich and ethereal sounds that will transport your listeners to another dimension. Elevate your tracks with a wide variety of experimental sound effects – from glitches to otherworldly textures and unique one-shots, build your own sonic arsenal. Step out of the ordinary and venture into a realm of sonic possibilities. Embrace the fusion of Trip Hop, Hybrid Trap, and Experimental sounds, your gateway to crafting music that’s ‘Never Be Like You’. Experience the future of sound, your music will never be the same again.


MIDI Files Included
MIDI files for the majority of musical phrases are included, allowing effortless integration with your favorite synths and samplers.

One-Shot Samples
Create fresh beats, fills, and loops with the one-shot drum samples. Load them into your preferred sampler to unleash endless possibilities.

Dry/Wet Loops
Choose between ‘wet’ loops with pre-applied effects or ‘dry’ loops for personalized effects customization.

All loops are 100% Royalty-Free, granting you the freedom to incorporate them into your commercial releases without hidden costs.

Product Details:

  •  5 Construction Kits
  • ACIDized WAV Files
  •  MIDI Loops
  •  Loops Synced To BPM
  •  44.1kHz/24-Bit
  •  PC/Mac Compatible
  •  Royalty-Free (No Exceptions)

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Demo Preview:

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