Rubicon Vocal Abstractions MULTIFORMAT

Rubicon Vocal Abstractions

Rubicon Vocal Abstractions MULTIFORMAT

Stretching the possibilities of the human voice, Vocal Abstractions explores disembodied, re-synthesized vocals across the uncanny valley for use across genres. Created in collaboration between vocalist Angie Swan and sound designer Tristan Arp, granular synthesis and resampling of raw vowel tones led to the creation of virtual vocal instruments, which lend themselves to percussive, ambient, and melodic manifestations.

If you’re a producer looking to approach the human voice as an instrument. Vocal Abstractions provides an array of samples and virtual instrument presets to imbue a human, yet otherworldly quality in any production.

Pack includes:

· 17 Ambient Loops
· 44 Rhythmic Loops
· 29 Female One Shots
· 36 Male One Shots
· 18 Non-Binary One Shots
· 2 Ableton Simpler Presets


Demo Preview:

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