Studio Sessions with Jay Hardway Vo.1 TUTORIAL

Studio Sessions with Jay Hardway Vo.1 TUTORIAL

Studio Sessions with Jay Hardway Vo.1 TUTORIAL

Studio Sessions with Jay Hardway

In this studio session, watch Jay begin writing a track from scratch! You can hear it by playing the trailer video above. He demonstrates his fluid production workflow that he has been crafting and refining for years! You can now can get a first hand look into the mind of Jay Hardway.

A top name in EDM and featured artist on the SPINNIN’ Records roster, he is the man responsible for hits like Bootcamp, Spotless and Electric Elephants. He is extremely well known for his collab with Martin Garrix called Wizard (currently has just shy of 202 MILLION plays on Youtube at the time of writing this description.. Yes… two hundred and two million!). Aside from this success, you’ll see when you hear him present and give tips in the tutorial that he is just simply a good, likable guy!

There was no pre planning of the sound choices or the writing. Jay came into the 789ten studio, opened up a completely blank project and started creating. You can now enjoy all of what we captured on tape with crystal clear audio and video quality that has come to be expected from a 789ten production.

As producers, we all face similar situations of working through the creative process to get those golden ideas and moments in our tracks. Even a seasoned pro like Jay has to go through it on every track; testing out sounds, rhythms and melodic structure to get something that truly hits home. We left in many ideas that Jay came up with that didn’t make the cut because it’s important that you see how he wrote/designed those ideas and most importantly why he chose not to use them in the record. Jay’s words: “I’m just going to go into my zone and see what comes out of it.” This says a lot about ultimately what Jay’s mentality is behind making music that stands out. There is no expectation of what will or will not happen in the session, he employs the all important ingredient of “randomness” to get sounds and moments that he may not have arrived at if he had been in a more logical “step by step” state of mind. In the tutorial, he literally put in a recording of an actual hawk in the track and after putting his touch on the processing, fit beautifully!

Elevate your production workflow by learning from one of hottest producers in the game right now!

LIMITED TIME BONUS: During the session Jay wrote two ideas, the second of which was the preferred idea that he decided to more fully pursue as the track for the tutorial. The first idea is still very good and gives you even more opportunity to observe his workflow.
More footage of Jay producing live is ALWAYS a good thing 🙂

This video is a live production demonstration. There is less explanation and more producing; you will be watching a master producer doing what he does best.

Host DAW: FL Studio

Main 3rd party plugins used: Nicky Romero Kickstart (Sidechain plugin), Sylenth, KV331 Audio Synthmaster, U-he DIVA, Nexus 2, Sonik Synth 2

The heart of our tutorials are not about having the exact same tools, it is about learning how the pros put ideas together and make it work with the tools they have that are probably not much different than what you have. The creative techniques will apply universally to using similar tools in your DAW and plugin set.


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