Techivation M-Loudener v1.1.3 [WIN]

Techivation M-Loudener

Techivation M-Loudener v1.1.3 [WIN]

M-Loudener is the ultimate tool for increasing loudness while preserving dynamic range and clarity. Get ready to create more headroom for your tracks with ease!

More modern & minimal graphic user interface

The user interface of the M-Loudener is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, making it the perfect tool for beginners and experts alike.

The M-Loudener is equipped with a user-friendly interface that draws inspiration from the Techivation T-Series plug-ins while incorporating modern design elements. Its intuitive layout ensures easy accessibility to all essential controls, allowing for efficient fine-tuning of audio tracks to achieve desired sound quality.

Additionally, the GUI is scalable between 80% to 150%, providing enhanced flexibility and customization options to suit individual workflow preferences.

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