U-he MFM2 v2.2.1.3898 WIN & MacOSX

U-he MFM2 v2.2.1.3898 WIN & MacOSX

U-he MFM2 v2.2.1.3898 WIN & MacOSX
Size 23 Mb

MFM2 is an ultra-flexible delay unit. Manipulate, shape, modulate and filter to create subtle textures or wild tonal and rhythmic deconstructions. MFM2 offers as much control and inspiration as possible in a delay effect and the advanced options push things even further. More feedback, more control, more inspiration.

MFM2 highlights…

4 delay lines with independent absolute time or tempo-synced modes

2 channel effects, each with distortion, bit crusher, phaser, frequency shifter or filter

Scalable UI from 70% to 200%

Skinnable UI

Over 380 presets

MFM2 can do…

Ping-pong delay (no central tap)
Ducking delays
Chorus, flanging, resonance
reverbs and other ambiences
panning delays
frequency-shifted delays
Degrading & distorting delays
Filtered delays
Endless loops
All sorts of compressed delays
Keyboard-controlled (tuned) comb filter
Massive glitch effects
Any combination of the above
…and much more


1GB RAM, more recommended
50MB free disk space
1000 × 600 or larger display
Modern CPU (Sandy Bridge or newer recommended)
Host software

MFM2 is not a standalone product, it requires host software. MFM2 is compatible with nearly all DAWs.



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