Udemy Piano Chords Vol.3: Tips on How To Improvise TUTORIAL

Udemy Piano Chords Vol.3: Tips on How To Improvise TUTORIAL

Udemy Piano Chords Vol.3: Tips on How To Improvise TUTORIAL

Do you play piano and want to learn how to improvise?
In rhis course you will learn easy to follow exercises that will help you to start playing and improvising when you play chords and melody.

This course has 100% practical video tutorials that will guide you on start moving your fingers when you try to make arrangements and embellish any melody.

You will be guided step by step on this exercises through the instructor. Ilse Lozoya is a pianist, music teacher and online educator that has been developing courses for several years, right now she has more than 70 music courses available on Udemy, with more than 4.5 stars (from 5 ) reviews.

What do you need to know?
It is important to know that this course is not for 100% beginners, so you need to know the following:
-Chords; 3 and 4 notes, specially:; Major. minor. dom7. maj 7. m7
-Some knowledge about scales is recommended

This course includes:

  • Exercises on how to work with; 7 and 9 chords
  • Tips on how to practice
  • Blues scale explained
  • Suggested songs

You will have lifetime access to :

  •  100% practical video tutorials
  •  Downloadable material on PDF

So, do not wait any longer join this global community of more than 100.000 students enrolled in Ilse Lozoya´s courses, in Udemy.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand how to play chords and melody making arrangements and improvising
  • Through practical video tutorials you will learn exercises that will prepare you to improvise easily
  • You will get many ideas on how to play popular songs using arpeggios and scales on your right hand arrangements
  • You will learn practice routines that will help you on your technique and master chords


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