Unison Artist Series Marc DePulse “Melodic Indie Dancers” [WAV MIDI]

Unison Artist Series Marc DePulse "Melodic Indie Dancers" [WAV MIDI]

Unison Artist Series Marc DePulse “Melodic Indie Dancers” [WAV MIDI]

Marc DePulse’s first and only sample pack is finally here – exclusively on Unison.

If you want to make chart-hitting melodic techno/indie tracks that’ll mesmerize the dance floor… This brand new Unison-exclusive pack is definitely for you.

Marc DePulse, who has tracks on Katermukke, Parquet, Einmusika & more, 50k Soundcloud followers, 90,000 monthly Spotify listeners and millions of total track plays…

Has included all his brand new signature sounds he’s been stashing up over their entire career for you to use in your own tracks right now.

Inside the pack you’ll find analog basses, signature synth loops, crisp hi hats, smacking claps, punchy snares, warm synths, dreamy pads, big kicks, catchy ear candy FX & more all exported fresh from Marc DePulse’s projects.

These sounds are a must-have if you want to create professional-quality melodic techno/indie tracks that blow the minds of your listeners.

What’s inside the pack:

  • 20 Arp Loops (+ All Matching MIDI)
  • 43 Bass Loops (+ All Matching MIDI)
  • 46 Unique Bass Shots (+ Multiple Key Variations / 91 Total)
  • 86 Drums & Percussion (Claps, FX, Hats, Kicks, Loops, Percs & Snares)
  • 49 Melodic Loops (+ All Matching MIDI)
  • 20 Unique Melodic Shots (+ Multiple Key Variations / 50 Total)
  • 16 Pad Loops (+ All Matching MIDI)
  • 23 Risers & Falls

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Demo Preview:

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