Urban Vocals by David “Hi-Def” Tuscher WAV

Urban Vocals by David “Hi-Def” Tuscher WAV

Urban Vocals by David “Hi-Def” Tuscher WAV

Step up your game with the brand new vocals of David “Hi-Def” Tuscher, ranging from singing to rapping and have that raw and energetic flow that you want in Hip-Hop, Drill, Trap and R&B.

In this pack you will find 10 fully stemmed out acapellas, ranging from 93 to 128 BPM. Each track contains intro, verses, bridge and chorus, split up in a lead vocal, one or multiple harmonies, ad-libs and separate one shots. Professionally recorded with a Neumann condenser microphone in a high end studio for maximum clarity. All vocals are ran through top end hardware for warm timbre and dynamics.

Song list:

  • 01 This Life (C#m, 116 BPM)
  • 02 Flying High (F#m, 120 BPM)
  • 03 Wild For The Night (Em, 125 BPM)
  • 04 Get Em (Dm, 115 BPM)
  • 05 5AM (Am, 126 BPM)
  • 06 The Way (Dm, 128 BPM)
  • 07 Come Through (Cm, 120 BPM)
  • 08 Feel The Same (Dm, 100 BPM)
  • 09 Over (Dm, 97 BPM)
  • 10 Find The Light (Dm, 93 BPM)

The samples of the beats of the demo can be found on the packs “Innovative Hip-Hop & Trap, & Innovative Hip Hop & Trap 2” and “Juiced Up Drill & Trap”.

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Demo Preview:

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