Gogoi Preset Packs Collection

Gogoi Preset Pack Collection

This collection includes 44 preset packs:

matteXnoise Retro Future for Serum
Synthwave II for Serum
Synthwave I for Serum
Prismatic Glo-fi for Serum
matteXnoise Indie Chill for Spire
Lo-fi Ambient Vol.1 for Sylenth1
Blissful Bedroom for Serum
Ambient Electronica for Massive
Downtempo Lounge for Serum
Cloudtronica Serum Presets
Vapor for Serum
Tropical Vibes for Serum
Ambient Forest for Serum
Pb-Soul for Massive
Indie Pop for  Spire
Outrun EP.3 for Serum
Outrun EP.2 for Serum
Outrun EP.1 for Serum
Retro Noir for Massive
Blissful Lounge for Serum
Ambient House for Massive
Synthwave for Serum
Retrowave 2 for Serum
LO-FI Electronica 2 for Massive
Chillwave for Serum
Vapourwave for Serum
80s Retro Wave for Serum
Downtempo Electronica for Massive
LO-FI Electronica for Massive
GLO-FI 4 for Massive
Liquid Downtempo for Massive
Future Downtempo for Massive
GLO-FI 3 for Massive
The One Future Electro for Massive
PB RnB for Massive
Trop House for Sylenth1
GLO-FI 2 for Massive
French House for Massive
Los Angeles SynthPop for Sylenth1
Las Vegas Purple Sky for Sylenth1
Synthwave Side A for Massive
Synthwave Side B for Massive
GLO-FI Chillwave for Massive
EDM Trap for Massive


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