Cmtheplug Connections (Sample Pack) WAV

Connections (Sample Pack)

Cmtheplug Connections (Sample Pack) WAV

Contains 11 x Sweet Melody Samples. Enjoy!


All My Life 100bpm F#harmonicminor (Prod. @cmtheplug).wav
Back To The Basics 144bpm Bminor (Prod. @cmtheplug).wav
Count Your Blessings 160bpm Aminor (Prod. @cmtheplug).wav
Dimensions 156bpm A#harmonicminor (Prod. @cmtheplug).wav
Evolution 150bpm C#minor (Prod. @cmtheplug).wav
Humble 100bpm D#minor (Prod. @cmtheplug).wav
Mirage 112bpm Aharmonicminor (Prod. @cmtheplug).wav
New Life 85bpm G#major (Prod. @cmtheplug).wav
Space Cadet 160bpm Dminor (Prod. @cmtheplug).wav
Tostitos 120bpm C#harmonicminor (Prod. @cmtheplug).wav


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